On February 24th, the Yugoslav Nationality Room committee co-sponsored the East European festival organized at the University of Pittsburgh. The committee is dedicated to preserving the traditions of former Yugoslav nations. This festival is an occasion to share traditions, food, and customs of the region.

At this year’s event, IMBiH Ambassadors Vanesa Moro and Nerina Sivonjic represented the table for Bosnia and Herzegovina. They brought personal items from Bosnia to share with the public: books, candy, knitted wool socks, and the traditional coffee set. These items stimulated questions and interesting conversations with students from campus, language professors, and even children. This year, the event was attended by members of the Balkan community as well as individuals from various cultural backgrounds. Placing Bosnia and Herzegovina on the map in Pittsburgh is a new undertaking for the Yugoslav Nationality room committee. Based on the warm support from the public, we anticipate greater engagement of the Bosnian community in our future projects.