About Us


About IMBiH

Inclusive Movement for Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBiH) is an all-volunteer, non-profit and apolitical organization based in Washington DC. With inclusivity as one of IMBiH’s core principles, we seek to engage people who care about Bosnia and Herzegovina—whether they are from the region, have spent time there, or simply want to learn more about the country and its people. Being located in Washington DC allows us to engage a wide range of interested people and organizations. It also helps us to act globally, given our proximity to various leading international institutions.


Our aim is to support the advancement of Bosnia and Herzegovina by fostering an inclusive platform through three principal domains:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We believe in fostering opportunities for entrepreneurial exchange, collaboration, and innovation that support the advancement of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including hosting and organizing a Business Forum. Regardless of scale, these various activities all center on the notion of economic empowerment—creating connections, building bridges, and facilitating the exchange of ideas in order to effect concrete and positive change in people’s lives, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the United States.

Cultural and Humanitarian Activities

Whether a film screening or a book launch, a soccer match or a Sevdalinka (folk music) concert, supporting cultural activities is one of the core elements of IMBiH’s mission. These events bring people together to learn about and enjoy Bosnia’s rich cultural traditions; they help celebrate the positive works that Bosnians, Bosnian-Americans, and friends of Bosnia take part in and produce. They can also serve as a way to support already existent humanitarian initiatives, for example, a charity dinner to raise funds for an educational project or scholarship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Centers of research and higher education in the greater DC area also provide important opportunities to learn about current affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and thus serve as another avenue for collaboration. 


In addition to bringing people together in order to help them forge new connections, we see networking in its various forms as a chance to highlight positive perspectives and to support forward-looking initiatives. It is through such connections that people can gain a new outlook while sharing their own knowledge, experience, and individualized expertise. Included in this broader field of networking is also IMBiH’s commitment to bridging diverse generational experiences, for example, creating opportunities for young professionals to engage with people farther along in their chosen career.