On June 8, 2019, IMBiH hosted its Launch Reception at Studio Gallery in Washington, DC. 

The Launch Reception was a private event attended by over 60 distinguished guests, among them former US Ambassadors to Bosnia and Herzegovina, State Department officials, BiH Embassy staff, friends of BiH, and IMBiH volunteers, including the Board of Directors, Advisors, and Ambassadors.

During the Launch Reception, the attendees had an opportunity to celebrate IMBiH’s founding and learn about its mission and future projects. With innovation and entrepreneurship being one of IMBiH’s key mission domains, the Board of Directors informed the guests of their future activities centered around economic empowerment. This includes creating connections, facilitating cooperative projects and fostering opportunities for entrepreneurial exchange, collaboration and innovation that support the advancement of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including hosting and organizing a Business Forum.

(Djenno Bacvic Photography)